About Me

Hi! I’m Rebeca Fairley. Thanks for stopping by.

I have always worked retail as a teenager and when I got to college, to my surprise, was eager to find that I could Major in Fashion Merchandising.  After Graduation I interned for Saks, Inc. in Birmingham, AL 6 weeks in the stores and 6 weeks in the buying office.  I knew my home was on the Sales floor with people and beautiful products.  I was a Sales Manager for Parisian in their Women’s shoe department for 2 years, and fortunately I was still there when Hurricane Katrina Hit the Gulf Coast.  I was away from my hometown, my family, and my friends.  When I saw the devastation, not just on TV but in person and the sadness it brought to all the people I loved, I knew it was time to move back home.  I always hoped I would have the courage to open up my own shop one day and Hurricane Katrina was that “Push” for me.  I opened Panache in a 900 sq./ft. space in 2006 a year after Katrina.  I have worked my store every day since.  In Jan 2009 my business started growing and I moved north from the original Location in a 4000 sq./ft. beautiful building,  and we have been here ever since.  We carry Women’s Clothing, Shoes, Handbags, Jewelry, Candles, Pottery, and Much more covering all ages 15-75.  I love what I do, making women feel good about their selves and helping men find the perfect gift that their special someone has been eyeing on Social Media. We believe we have something for everyone.  We are open Mon- Fri 10-6 and Sat 10-5.  We accept Phone Orders and Paypal.