Hot Trends and Classy Styles

Hot Trends and Classy Styles
Mules are an incredibly hot style for summer 2018. They allow the wearer to simply slip into the shoe and go about their business. Toe ring sandals have also been a popular trend for the year. These shoes have a small piece of fabric or leather wrap the big toe and act like a flip flop with an extra touch of flair. Color pop shoes are also all the rage in the summer. Just choose a shoe that is a bright and vibrant color and pair it with either basic or vibrant colors that you’re wearing in your outfit.

Materials and Maintenance 
The most popular material for summertime shoes remains to be leather. Leather is long-wearing and is cool when put into a style that allows for a lot of air flow to the foot. Some other popular materials in summer footwear include nylon, polyester and suede. There’s also nothing quite as popular during the summertime as a cork heal or foam sole.

Best Way to Wear Summer Footwear 
Because the summer allows us all to experiment with looks and choose shoes that we can enjoy pairing with a variety of different cool outfits, the sky is the limit when choosing a style that works for you. Don’t be afraid to buy a bright-colored shoe that you normally wouldn’t wear and try to avoid shoes that are restrictive or closed, as this not only looks heavy but is going to cause you to feel hot and bothered in the warm summer sun.

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