Spring Trends

What’s Hot in Fashion?

Fashion is a means of expressing yourself. You can allow your inner beauty to shine through your outer beauty through your palatable choices in apparel and accessories. Fashion is also a staple of the times. One of the ways that a time period is remembered is through its fashion trends. Following fashion trends makes conformity not so daunting.

Spring 2018 Clothing Trends

Polka Dots
Polka dots are no longer restricted to circus clowns. This spring, polka dots will be omnipresent on apparel and accessories, most prominently on dresses and handbags. Black and white polka dots will be the most popular color combination of this popular spring design.
Pastel Colors
Carnation pink, orchid, baby blue, mauve, and many more pastels will go beyond the cute Easter dresses this spring. Pastel colors provide a soft, yet classy look to all spring fashion. Since you will be spending more time in the sunlight, wearing lighter colors will help you not feel as hot, allowing you to spend even more time outside.
Asymmetrical Style
Symmetry is not always so cool. This spring, asymmetry will be dominating shirts and dresses. Asymmetrical style adds versatility to any look. The most common asymmetrical style is a long sleeve on one side and no sleeve on the other side, making the outfits look like a hybrid between winter and summer clothing.

Catherine Popesco Jewelry Trends
Chunky Crystals
Catherine Popesco knows that crystals are fit for a queen, so she designed her new bracelets and stud earrings for La Vie Parisienne with chunky crystals. Vivid blue ruby, tangerine, teal, and vintage pink allow these chunky crystal bracelets and earrings to make every person shine with their own light in both the spring and summer. These bracelets look even more stunning when layered with other bangles or with each other.
Champagne Colors
Champagne-colored jewelry is perfect for anyone who is aiming for a true vintage look. A variety of Catherine Popesco’s pendant necklaces and earrings are available in champagne colors. These necklaces and earrings also contain chunky crystals, allowing every wearer to look like a vintage queen or add neutrality to a glamorous look.

Kendra Scott Jewelry Trends

Frameless and Free
Kendra Scott is making jewels the real-deal this season by making her jewelry frameless. Her frameless and free jewelry allows for the glimmering jewels to be the focal point of the pieces. The spring and summer sun will have an easier time making the jewels glimmer this season.
• Lilac
In addition to being a color that goes along with the pastel clothing trend, lilac is also appearing on many of Kendra Scott’s designs. Lilac provides the jewelry with a youthful, feminine look that goes along with the freshness and renewal of spring. The lilac jewelry will match perfectly with your lilac clothing and coordinate well with your clothing of other pastel colors.
Tassels and Fringe
Graduation hats will not be the only accessory where tassels will be seen, and teenagers will not be the only demographic wearing fringe. Tassels and fringe will be adding an edge to this season’s jewelry.