There is no doubt to the fact that denim is one of the most evergreen fashion wear which never goes out of the trend. From jeans to skirts and from blouses to button-down shirts, denim is all about comfort, style, and smartness. The only kind of clothes which go with all seasons is denim. In the scorching summers, you can choose to wear denim bikinis or cool crop tops to beat the heat with fashion being on point. Last year had been an amazing year for denim lovers with cropped flares and old wardrobe inspired straight leg jeans, the year had followed the greatest denim trends. Gone are the days when denim were just plain bottoms that had to be worn with a plain white tee. Denim is much more about a clothing category now.

Here are few of the designs which you will definitely fail to resist on!

The Double Waist Denim

The year 2018 will witness multiple waistbands on the jeans to be pulled off with crop tops. Brands are making the waistline more prominent by marking ranges with dual waist stitching. This fashion seems good for the flabby bellies though.


The Ultra Flat Cuffs

Rolling up the jeans hems is one of the most favorite custom fashion of all of us. But 2018 is going to be more about the flat cuffs to trend. With a larger part of the hem being cuffed or an extra applique, preferably of another shade added to hem is what you will love to wear this year.

The Chromatic Denim

From bright yellow to rose pink, 2018 will be all about colors in the jeans. We have witnessed pink, purple and almost all shades of red on the runway in fashion weeks so now is the time to fill up your wardrobe with the jeans of your favorite color.

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